About Us


Ginkhana was born from a discussion between the founder, a keen horseman, and the owner of Twin River Distillery in late 2017. We were keen to produce a local premium spirit with an equestrian twist – if you’re horsey, you’ll know that horsey folk love gin! Various names were suggested but ‘Ginkhana’ was our stand out winner.

We started with green apples and organic carrots (which add a beautiful sweetness) and then added locally made meadow hay along with fresh mint.  Ginkhana is ‘cut’ using Deeside Natural Mineral Water from Pannanich Wells near Balmoral Castle.  This beautiful water spends around 50 years after falling as rain being gently filtered through the layers of underground rock and miles of crevices, free from pollution or the influences of man.

 At first sniff, you get the wonderful aroma of a summer meadow from the hay, then the apple and carrots hit your taste buds when you take a sip, with the fresh mint leaving your palate feeling fresh and clean at the finish.

The name, Ginkhana, is a play on the word ‘Gymkhana’, highlighting the unique ‘horsey’ twist that it is known for!

Speaking of unique, we will maintain a hand picked list of local and national stockists, chosen for their first class attitude to customer service.  You will not find Ginkhana in a supermarket – we think it’s better than that!